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Entrepreneurial Trilogy

Update on the Trilogy; Changes in 2015

Through its annual Entrepreneurial Trilogy, the i.e.* initiative has identified hundreds of entrepreneurs and thousands of supporters and fans in the Richmond Region, inspired similar pitch contests, and put Central Virginia on the map as a place where creativity and innovation are nurtured and supported. These were our primary goals for the Trilogy, and we consider its three-year-run to be a fantastic success. At the very least, we awarded $35,000 in seed money, more than $20,000 in resources, and unparalleled no-cost access to professional advice.

Now, the start-up community has spoken, and we are ready and able to pivot to accommodate the needs of our local entrepreneurs. We thus now turn our focus to helping existing start-ups find markets, customers, capital and other resources necessary to become viable businesses, right here in RVA. Stay tuned for more on how we are going to make this happen, including more events and opportunities for entrepreneurs, and a new website that will serve as a pivotal resource that will connect entrepreneurs with mentors and venture capitalists.

We are grateful for all of the support we received for the Trilogy, in particular from the local business community, which continues to inspire with its enthusiasm for small business success. And to all of the contestants who shared their innovative ideas with us, we hope we can serve you in this new capacity as your businesses grow. We look forward to evolving our offerings to meet your ever changing needs.

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