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SHOP CLASS is back!


Join us for the third annual SHOP CLASS series, a five-session mashup of innovative   thinkers, innovative doers and curious bystanders. SHOP CLASS is designed   to showcase Richmond’s creative best and push new thinking by blurring the   lines between creator and creative minded.

SHOP CLASS 2013 explores the five senses and how they   influence our perception of the world around us. We’ll meet local creatives   who are experts in a craft relating to one of the five senses.

Organized and hosted by Peter Fraser, Ansel Olson, John Sarvay, Lauren Boynton and Lauren Stewart, each SHOP CLASS session is a two-hour,   hands-on discovery zone centered in the historic Marvin Lang Building on West Broad Street. Most classes   are free   to attend, but space is limited and advance registration is required.

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