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Dave Perry

digital media. advertising. family. music. travel. pizza. These are a few things that often influence Dave’s creative vision – a vision that originated in Syracuse, NY. Dave relocated to Richmond, VA 4 years ago after spending 10 years working in Northern Virginia as a graphic designer and is proud to have now spent nearly half his life as a southerner.

Upon visiting friends in Richmond he quickly learned to embrace the community and saw an opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people. People that embrace change and continually look for opportunities to redefine creative boundaries. In 2007, the time was right to leave the traffic of Northern VA behind and make the full transition to Richmond.

His first year in Richmond, Dave worked as an outside sales representative where he made numerous contacts within the vibrant business community. Many of these contacts became personal friends and the most valued relationship was founded with the woman who is now his wife.

“Growing up in Syracuse, my friends were considered family,” says Dave, “Syracuse is made of people that want to be in the city and I found the same sense of community here in Richmond.”

Currently, Dave works on the Emerging Media team at Fahrenheit Technology. Some side projects include involvement with ‘the next big idea’ for WCVE with Kelly O’Keefe and a team of exceptionally talented marketing folks. Dave is also anxious to collaborate on a project involving the promotion of an event in the digital space to help bring awareness to local nonprofits and philanthropic initiatives.  

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