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WatchForChange is a cause-driven lifestyle brand inspired by a simple idea to: Look Good, Do Good, and Share Good. As a consumer, you can do more with your money than simply buy more stuff. Everybody, at every moment, has the ability to create awareness of causes you care about and inspire positive change around the world. And now, you can make an impact simply by the watch you wear. WatchForChange gives socially conscious consumers with an eye for style a new way to support the causes that matter to them. Our high-quality watch offers a sleek, sophisticated design perfect for any occasion so you not only Look Good — but Do Good by helping to create positive change around the world. You can also Share Good by telling others about the effort creating awareness and additional support. How it works Whenever you buy a new watch or watch strap from WatchForChange, you’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause of your choice. We build the watch. You direct your contribution to make the impact you want to see happen in the world. It’s that simple! We’ve partnered with nonprofit organizations around the world that are the best at what they do. Through your WatchForChange purchase, you can directly support causes such as: • Supporting early cancer detection • Providing clean drinking water for people without access • Helping at-risk kids have educational opportunities And so on … Support the same cause — or broaden your impact with a different cause for each watch or watch strap. The choice is yours. Our Mission Our mission is to unite socially conscious individuals around the world — and, together, inspire positive change for our local and global communities.

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