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Virginia Sports Management and Recruitment Service

Virginia Sports Management, also known as (VASM), a Sports Management started by Evelyn M. Johnson, Advisor and General Manager. VASM expanding to VASM Evaluation and Management Center in 2015 due to the very limited options for athletes to attain body mechanic assessments. VASM Evaluation and Management Center a unique new Sport Evaluation Management Center that will serve the athletes of the Central Virginia region of the state. Our target market will include parents, athletes, coaches, athletic directors and adult amateur sports professionals. We will provide sports management advisory services, sports performance evaluation and training services to athletes ranging from 8th grade to, high school, college and amateur adult. Our initial sports will be soccer men/women, basketball men/women, baseball and softball, and football. Initially a management company Evelyn found that potential players were limited to vital information needed to actually measure their potential and make proper corrections to maximize their performance.

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