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Transfer is an iPhone app for money management that focuses on leveraging new iOS8 functionality to deliver convenient financial information to our users. In addition to the app itself, a user can check their bank account balances in the Notifications center, on the lock screen of their iPhone, and soon on an Apple Watch. We believe this functionality is particularly valuable for customers of banks that may not offer support for these new tools, or for users who prefer to access all of their balances in one place, rather than login in and out of multiple apps. By giving our users access to all of their bank account balances in one place, along with the ability to transfer funds between them, Transfer can significantly reduce the time it takes to manage your finances. In addition, most money management apps focus on changing behavior through budgeting, or attempt to sell a particular financial product, but Transfer lets users answer a single question: “How much money do I have right now?” It is lightweight, easy to use, and institution-agnostic. At Transfer, we don’t care how you spend your money or which banks you use, we just want to connect your accounts and help you move money between them. Even better, we're cheaper than a bank because we don’t charge users anything to transfer funds between banks.

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