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Texas Beach Llc

Texas Beach was launched at the beginning of December 2014, providing it's flagship product, Texas Beach Bloody Mary Mix. The Richmond Market has a thriving Brunch scene, but no local companies producing a Craft Bloody Mary Mix. We have begun to fill that void with our flagship and many restaurants and local markets have responded with accolades. Part of what has made Texas Beach so successful in such a short period of time is the approach we've taken in bringing our product to market. Sure, the mix is top notch, but what sets us apart is our utilization of social media platforms, sourcing top quality art from local illustrator Brad Douglas and sharp graphic design by managing partner Rob Wooten. We have also forged many partnerships with other local entities, recently including an official partnership with Pasture to source the pickle brine in our flagship. Moving forward, we hope to expand our brand to include other products including a variety of Bloody Mary Mixes, sauces, marinades, and bar mixes. However, we are limited in keeping this production solely in Richmond due to a lack of manufacturers able to handle either the volume needed or the nature of each product we want to produce. Our short term goal is to offer a product made entirely in Richmond, but we also hope to provide a test kitchen and bottling line for other entrepreneurs in the River City to develop their own products and get them to market. We have talked to a lot of folks here in Richmond, some who are already producing a product as far away as Maryland, who are very interested in manufacturing here in Richmond. With our experience with the process of getting a product to market, in house graphic design, and manufacturing capabilities, we could become a one stop shop for those who have the dream of making their own products in Richmond. With your help, we could provide a surge in locally manufactured products for the Richmond market and beyond. Thank you for consideration. We look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

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