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Over the last decade, volunteerism in the US has dropped significantly. In 2014, 62.8M people volunteered in the US with an estimated value of $173B worth of service donated. This is a 25.3% participation rate which is the lowest participation rate in over a decade (down 12.1% from 28.8% in 2004). Additionally, annual volunteer hours have dropped by a total over 800M hours (8.49B in 2004 and 7.67B in 2013). Similarly, volunteer hours per resident have dropped by 12.8% over the past 12 years (36.8 in 2002 to 32.1 in 2013). Several demographic segments have contributed to this low participation rate due to them under indexing on volunteer participation including men, millennials (aged 16-34), minorities (Black, Latino, Asian and Native American), non-parents, and unmarried. The reasons why individuals in these groups don’t volunteer are as diverse as the segments including not being asked, feeling marginalized, not being incentivized, bad past experiences, no idea what opportunities exist, feeling unqualified, etc. The question this raises is “How can we solve this issue?” Our answer is Teer’d, a mobile application and website that connects “less likely” volunteers with opportunities to volunteer and rewards them for doing so. We are going to make it simple for individuals to find meaningful opportunities and gamify volunteering by introducing the first rewards program that offers points and prizes for giving back to your community. Think of Shopkick, Viggle, Ibotta or Belly combined with VolunteerMatch/AllForGood for volunteering. Teer’d will connect “less likely” volunteers to non-profits, increase engagement, track hours, and make volunteering more rewarding with poignant rewards and drive progress towards solving some of America’s biggest issues.

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