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Engage yourself or your local business in your community like never before. Meet and make new friends in person. Freshly entertain old ones. Put yourself out there. View your city in a whole new “social” light. Blinkie is Social Light’s (the company’s) location-based event hosting app, which enables users to invite not just Facebook friends, but also anyone in their local area. Receive invitations to local events just by having the app, which will even connect hosts and guests through shared interests. Say you want to host a local event for people into kayaking? Maybe you are a bar owner trying to advertise your Fourth of July party. College students and recent grads new to town can use it make friends to go out with in no time. Break down the social barriers of your community with our app. Blinkie neither objectifies people, nor lets users imply anything explicit, and safely wipes away the façade of social anonymity. The next step in socio-technical evolution is here.

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