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Web security testing software relies on tests or “checks” to identify vulnerable web site software. These checks help companies identify security vulnerabilities before hackers do and before they become victims like Target or Sony. Today, checks are written by understaffed security companies who just can’t keep up with with the flood of new vulnerabilities announced every day. The SecuriChecks solution, the first of its kind, breaks this model by providing third-party add-ons to existing enterprise security software in the form of high-quality and timely security checks. The SecuriChecks can be used in the software already running in enterprises with no additional maintenance or learning curve. By subscribing to SecuriChecks, companies can discover critical vulnerabilities much more quickly and effectively than than by using just their existing software. All of our checks are written by experienced SecuriChecks staff, as well as industry professionals who are paid per-submission. SecuriChecks was started by the author of the #1 open source web security program, who has worked as a researcher at a major web application software security vendor and has been writing these types of checks since 2001.

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