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We’ve all seen it, right? You’re in a meeting with busy professionals and, you notice at least one whose padfolio consists of a tear-ridden legal pad and an assortment of crammed documents. You also notice another individual meticulously using every square-inch of space on a standard-sized steno pad. Then, you look down and see that your own ringed notebook has seen better days, struggling to contain the files you’ve stored (temporarily) in the back and retain precious pages barely clinging to the rings. The inspiration for Officionado arose when I found myself spending nearly two hours at a Barnes and Noble retail store trying to find the perfect planner. In today’s society, in which technology and customization rule, shouldn’t these rules also apply to our everyday work tools? Officionado seeks to leverage data, customization, and technology in order to equip today’s workforce for success through the provision of customizable office supplies. Picture this, you visit the Officionado website; complete a brief 5-10 minute profile questionnaire; receive your Individual Profile Assessment (1 of 6 categories based upon factors such as your work style, preferences, role, etc.); then, in approximately 4-8 weeks you receive a shiny box labeled your “Skill Set” (trademark). The Skill Set is Officionado’s flagship product customized by your IPA results and contains a set of office tools to accommodate your specific needs in order to perform at your best. How can anyone achieve their highest potential without the proper tools? Our mission is, “To inspire individuals to achieve their full potential by designing and providing innovative and customizable tools”. Our vision is a workforce empowered by constant innovation and ingenuity. And, we hope to make a meaningful impact to that end, not only through the sale of our Skill Sets, but also through charitable giving towards workforce development research, initiatives, and programming. So, if you’re one of us who must work to make a living, be more than just an employee…be an Officionado and “Work Your Way”!

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