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You might be an NPR junky when your 8year old gets in the car and asks you to turn on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me... Even worse when she starts getting answers right in the lightning round. But the truth is that while our children benefit from getting a world perspective on current events, today's news coverage is often gory, frightening and just altogether not kid-friendly. But it’s not the news, it’s the presentation of it that is the problem. News Network Jr. changes that. The website, podcast, and YouTube channel feature current events and global news presented in a manner appropriate for children. It does NOT dumb it down or focus only on peppy kid friendly stories, but takes headline stories and makes it relevant for elementary through middle school aged kids. Imagine a news story that explains Ebola outbreaks in Africa to 8 year olds in a way that’s honest and thorough but doesn’t promote fear and paranoia. Hearing about conflict in the Middle East, economic conditions in Asia, and learning about presidential candidates’ platforms promotes global awareness and curiosity in children. Meanwhile, providing parent-monitored discussion, a YouTube cub reporter channel, a youth op-ed column, and even a news quiz show engages social media to encourage kids to get interested and involved. News Network Jr. is news youth can use.

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