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Mymorial is a concept for a web-based service that helps you design, curate, and present your own life story in a video slide presentation using your own words, your own photos, and your own music. So many families struggle and scramble to put together a memorial service at a time of stress and sorrow...heck, even submitting a single photograph for the newspaper can be a challenge. MYmorial lets you create your service, your way. It allows you to take the burden off of your loved ones and choose the moments of your life that mean the most to you. All your favorite photos, set to your favorite music, mixed in with your life's achievements, adventures, and passions are put into a video slide presentation that can be edited over and over until it tells the story that YOU want to tell. Whether you are a savvy millennial immersed in social media, or a baby-boomer with a drawer full of loose photos and memories, everyone wants to be remembered...and MYmorial helps to take your memories and put them together in a way that you want to be remembered. It's a step-by-step process of downloading digital photos, scanned documents/images, and digital music (as well as anything else you want in digital form!) that produces a slide show for which you are the sole editor and curator. Rearrange, delete, or add things at your whim to create a MYmorial. Go ahead, make the presentation of your life!

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