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Love is the Answer Theater

Finally, a fresh new and exciting way to improve your relationship, marriage, and live with purpose. Love is the Answer Theater is a theater company that has plays and workshops with professional experts in a fun and entertaining environment. Our first show is called “Love Against All Odds”. A romantic comedy inspired by the Loving vs. Virginia Supreme Court decision in 1967. The play will demonstrate how love conquers family, society and even self-destructive behaviors. This production is for singles who want to find the right mate as well as couples who want to improve their marriage skills. The play will be held at the Henrico Theater on 305 E. Nine Mile Road on February 12-14, 2016. This is the first of many shows we will have around a specific subject such as relationships, health, sex, finances and goal setting which will improve your life. As for business, Love is the Answer Theater keeps cost down by renting venues in the city of Richmond instead of having a permanent facility and get sponsors to fund part of the productions. To increase and sustain attendance Love is the Answer Theater will focus on popular and timely subjects that improve guest’s lives. This is a unique experience that new and existing theater patrons will love.

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