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Little Boxes Lunch Company

When did packing kids' lunches get so hard? Between picky eaters, allergy sensitive facilities, and busy lives it has become increasingly difficult to pack convenient, healthy, sensitive lunches that our kids will actually eat. Little Boxes Lunch Company makes fun, healthy, bento-style lunches and delivers them directly to local day care centers, preschools, and private schools. Parents order lunches online (or subscribe to lunches) and select one of two to three menu options for each day. Each meal includes a kid-friendly entree, vegetable side and a fruit dessert, all packaged in a Japanese style bento that's decorative and entices kids to open up their palates and try something new, without risking an entire meal. For example: tiger shaped ham and cheese sandwich in an edamame jungle and blueberry compote pond. Our lunches are non-processed, use local and organic options when available, have no added sugar for a balanced nutrition lifestyle. Healthy, safe, convenient, fun, and educational.

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