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Kittens and Cream

Kittens and Cream is an ice cream parlor and purrfect spot for cat lovers and ice cream lovers alike. Inspired by the cat cafes popular in Japan and now springing up in major cities across the U.S., Kittens and Cream will bring two comforts together for the Richmond community, good old fashioned ice cream and feline companionship. Kittens and Cream will exist in a separated space, so that the ice cream shop and cat petting area will not be exclusive. The cats and kittens will be on loan, as fosters, from area shelters, and will be adoptable through the respective organizations. Every few months Kittens and Cream will foster cats from a different area shelter, and bring awareness to the needs of that particular organization. Many apartments in the area have strict no pet policies (my own included) and Kittens and Cream will provide an atmosphere where customers can mix and mingle with these furry friends. It is no secret that pets help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve mood. Kittens and Cream is not just a place that will benefit its patrons, as cats overrun area shelters, Kittens and Cream will give much needed exposure to those that are available for adoption and those that might be craving human contact. Both sections of the parlor will have wireless internet access and comfortable seating. Cleanliness will be of the utmost importance for the health and safety of both the customers and cats. Kittens and Cream will not only be a destination for cat lovers, but also a treat with a variety of ice cream flavors for customers to enjoy. Kittens and Cream – For all the cool cats in Richmond!

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