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H.O.O.D. Brothers LLC

H.O.O.D. Brothers LLC was founded February 20, 2015, originally started as a music group based out of Elliot Chelsea Projects in Manhattan New York. H.O.O.D. Brothers was later Transformed into an umbrella of many entities. H.O.O.D. Stands for Hustle out of Desperation, something that many people can empathize with. The brand has been featured recently on S.M.A.C.K. (Street Music Art Culture and Knowledge) URL Rookies vs. Vets. Below are the ideals of the originators and the founding concepts. Remember “Dreams are free” it’s the hustle and the desperation that are sold separately, Hustle out of Desperation! Hustle: is not associated with the selling of illegal products, but the mindset anyone on the journey for success needs to have. Desperation: is not the weakness of needing or wanting and not having, but the mindset needed to triumph out of any unwanted situation.

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