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Ginger Juice

Ginger Juice is Richmond's only cold-pressed juice bottler! Our mission is simple: to nourish the souls of our customers with all natural juices for adults and children. The Owner, Erin Powell, started juicing for her son, Sayer. Sayer, who is 3, wouldn't eat his vegetables, but he WILL drink them. Only two recipes have ginger as an ingredient, but the inspiration for the name of the company came from her son's beautiful red hair! As a single mom, Erin knows first hand that life demands a lot of our bodies, minds and spirit. The essence of Ginger Juice is to provide the Richmond Community with the fuel our bodies need to run our best race, each and every day. We use natural fruits and vegetables (no sugar or processing) to make the only raw bottled juice product in RVA. Customers can order online or pick up Ginger Juice at the local Farmer’s Market (South of the James or St. Stephens).

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