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Name of App: FM Find Music live and local Mission: To connect local musicians with local music lovers Well known and popular musicians playing live locally are well advertised and supported. But what about the indie musician playing at the local corner venue (bar/cafe, etc)? Smaller venues and local musicians looking to reach music lovers or build a fan base currently don’t have a central location to reach fans other than their own multiple social media sites (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc) - and there are a lot of those, requiring a lot of double tasked management. What if a musician could enter into a master calendar (via app on phone or FM website) when they are playing a gig and that entered information would then populate to all their social media? What if a music lover could view this calendar/location and other information about the musician all in one place? This app seeks to empower the venue and musician to directly reach a potential fan base. For the music lover, this app provides a central location to view a calendar or map of local live music. A person no longer has to sift through multiple websites just to see where local music is playing. In today’s world of technology, individuals do not want to take the time for such a task - and probably won’t, resulting in missed opportunities for the music lover, venue, and musician. Putting this information in the palm of their hand with just a few quick taps and swipes will transform the local live music scene by connecting people. Isn’t that what music is about?! Looking for something to do and want to see what live music is playing close by? - check the FM app! Are you someone who travels and want to see what the local music scene is like in a city your are visiting? Check the FM app! For the Venue * Ability to enter in/edit upcoming events * Calendar Management * Link to Venue’s social media sites - one stop data entry For the Musician * Ability to enter/edit upcoming events * Calendar management * Link to Musician social media sites - one stop data entry For the Music lover * Can find local live music based on location in just a few taps * Can populate personal calendar for upcoming events wanting to attend * Can give rating or comment on local live music viewed * Can create a favorites list * Can receive push notifications (email, text, etc) when favorite musicians are playing * Can preview musicians music on soundcloud, reverbnation, itunes, etc… * Can link directly to musicians social media

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