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Creative Dramatics for 21st Century Learners

Play Production/Children's Theatre, that is, the process of production through plays written for and performed by children. Over the past eleven years, I have been the Lower/Middle School Performing arts teacher at The Steward School. I have written original plays for children ages 4-14 that correlate directly with their curriculum, encourage imaginative thinking and self expression, provides a structure for following directions with clear goals, advances self control, requires focus and critical thinking skills. The plays were written for EVERY child to participate equally, not just the extroverts. I will not be returning to Steward next year and look to take this valuable 21st century learning tool out to school systems. Because of the ever changing climate of education, children are becoming what I describe as "disconnected learners" and in the program I have created they are unplugged yet connected. How do we prepare children for careers that do not yet exist? Through a clear understanding of communication and becoming confident, comfortable speakers where they have the will to explore and clearly articulate for themselves.

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