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Conscious Decor is beauty and well-being working hand in hand. We have created luxury pillows that are adorned with different types of crystals and stones to enhance an individual’s energy. For centuries, crystals and other gems have been desired for their alleged magical healing and mystical powers. This belief continues today. With this in mind we have created beautiful decorative pillows using luxury fabrics and crystals to promote positive energy in your home, enhance your meditation, bring love into your life, calm the mind for a more restful sleep, and help with better communication in the work place. Savvy customers will appreciate the versatility of this product for many reasons. These unique pillows are simply beautiful and will make your home look spectacular. They are a great gift to bring to a house warming to pull positive energy into a new home, as well as a get well gift for a friend or family member who is ill, or for a new born with their birthstone on it. We also have created a meditation pillow for personal alters or yoga studios to enhance meditation. For businesses, such as a retail space or hair salon, the pillows could contribute to enhancing better communication among employees and customers. Pillows from Conscious Decor offer style and purpose for the modern shopper.

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