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Confluence Coffee Co.

Confluence Coffee Co. is changing the way that people think about coffee. By merging the ready-to-drink coffee and craft beer worlds, Confluence creates products that harness the best of what certain regions and beans have to offer, and then pairs them with complementary and exciting ingredients. Confluence uses only the freshest, unprocessed ingredients and their coffees are exclusively fair-trade certified or direct trade products to yield the most conscientious of beverages. Confluence's first line of products are oaked cold brew coffees. They feature an original oak, an oak and lemon-infused, and an oaked mocha, all of which are available in bottles. The original oak and the oaked mocha are also available on nitro tap, giving them the creamy consistency of a Guinness beer. Confluence Coffee launched on April 18th at Glen's Garden Market located in the heart of DC. They sold out of their stock within four hours and now plan to expand in the region and launch in Richmond. Working closely with Blanchard's Coffee, based in Richmond, they will continue to curate a set of products that benefits the health and well-being of everyone in the Confluence system, from the growers to the consumers. Keep an eye out for Confluence Coffee at the juice bar in Ellwood Thompson's in mid-May and elsewhere throughout Richmond in the coming months!

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