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BrushForGood's vision is for every person to have personal hygiene and health items. We're starting with an item so basic that many of us in the USA cant believe that over 2 Billion people are without a toothbrush (and running water, and other basic human rights items). is a buy one give ten business model; Toothbrushes are made in the USA. Supporters can buy once, or sign up for a no-risk monthly or annual subscription. As a side note: Most food insecure people also have dental hygiene issues. We are working on a plan to partner with food providers to also give our toothbrushes to food insecure children. We believe that if people knew about, they would choose a USA made, high-quality brush, that helps 10 people with each purchase. Together we make the world Smile. Good dental hygiene helps reduce secondary issues: Women who have periodontal disease have up to 7x more likely to experience pregnancy complications. Gum disease has a 64% higher rate for pancreatic cancer in men. Reduce periodontal disease and you reduce coronary artery disease by about 2x.

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