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TEDxRVA 2015 : Uncommon Submissions

RVA, we are overwhelmed by the passion you shared via your open mic night video submissions. Your stories, skills, and authentic selves make this decision very easy. We have extended an invitation to ALL contestants who submitted videos to take the stage at Open Mic Night! As a result, there is no longer a need to tally votes. Richmond, you are a diverse and vibrant city, with lots of hidden gems. Go ahead and tag your amazing selves :)

  • Diggin

    We started Diggn as a community love project, and from that grew an app that brings you your city to the palm of your hand. We created a community board, one that moves with the user, no matter where they are in the world. This app is able to show the surrounding world, and engage the individual in new experiences and new discoveries. It not only strengthens their current community network, but also digs deeper, and makes wider networks that expand farther and stronger. We wanted to highlight all the people that are making Richmond an incredible city, and this app allows users to do just that. We believe this city is the city to launch Diggn, and if it works here it can work anywhere. We want Richmond, the city we love, to take it to the world.

  • Ashley M. Williams

    My name is Ashley M. Williams. I am the founder and CEO of RIZZARR, an inspirational social network for Millennials. I believe in the power that young people have to change the world. I believe that they are not only necessary agents needed to improve our society, but they can also bring meaningful change. I strongly believe there needs to be more discussions on how we as a society can inspire them to believe they can use their lives to change the world for the better.

  • Teena Hamlin

    The future will be more complex than the present - spread system thinking and the nexus approach to soil water waste. These are the keys to food and energy.

  • Julian Hardee

    Going with the theme of "uncommon", I chose to speak on the idea of minorities in technology. Minorities are missing out on great opportunities due to lack of exposure in public schools and misconceptions about the image of "techies" or "nerds". I would like to touch on this topic and discuss ways to introduce more diversity into the tech circle and get people of all races and genders excited about technology.

  • Bara Elshaer

  • Keya Wingfield

    Namaste, Y'all! I'm Keya Wingfield and here's my pitch. My work can be found at I'm a baker, teacher, wife, immigrant, sister, daughter, artist, dishwasher, employer, richmonder, foodie...and a whole lot more, though not necessarily in that particular order.

  • John Shinholser

    I need around 10 min to articulate my message. Hope you enjoy I have other talks on Youtube as well if you do a search for me (John Shinholser) Thank you for your consideration.

  • Justin C Johnson

    Hi! I'd like to give a TED Talk on the Art of Sampling~!

  • Jesse Clark

    My name is Jesse Clark and I am not from the internet. Although my day job is as an engineer in information security, my passion is in education. I spend a large portion of my free time building and expanding a technology education and outreach program here in central Virginia. I realize the overwhelming complexity we deal with in this hyper-connected world and I am on a mission to help bring knowledge and expertise to young people all over the country.

  • Gerald Pe

    Overcoming obstacles with an unbreakable attitude.

  • Jeanette Hickl

    I have always battled with physical challenges due to the stroke I suffered at birth. I lost my mom to cancer in 1999. My whole life felt upside down. Nothing made sense. In my mind, I could control nothing – except for what I did or didn’t eat. I would allow myself 100 calories every three days. When I started to try to gain the weight back, I developed a binge eating disorder. Food had been both my reward and my punishment for the last 14 years. Fast forward - I am eating to fuel my body.

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