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Application: Virtual Clinic

I want to create a website and an App where patients can connect with doctors and other patients for guidance and objective advice and referrals about specific health issues. I have been through serious health issues recently, and social media saved my life. I was unable to get proper referrals or advice from the dozens of doctors I saw on the east coast. I had to turn to social media and patient sites to find recommendations for specialists, and eventually to raise money to fly to Stanford, because I had spent all my money going to the wrong places for a year. I hope that a Virtual Clinic will be a place that doctors can give advice and referrals to specialists without personal repercussions they might experience by referring outside their local hospitals or community. I have been active on many patient social media sites for the past ten years, and I see that this service is sorely needed in a centralized way. I would like to organize it like a hospital with all the departments, which would encourage collaboration between specialties – another aspect that is lacking greatly in medicine today.

Submitted on March 18, 2014

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