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Application: Talented Neighbors

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We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!

At Talented Neighbors, we are always working hard to make running your business easier. From bidding on potential projects, to simply having a free (no hosting or building cost) website that can show your business, we are here to help. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that it’s hard enough to run a business without the hassle of thinking about online logistics.

Essentially, Talented Neighbors is here for the entrepreneur. Our role is to help accomplish the following:

  • Build a community of local, talented, and eager entrepreneurs.
  • Provide a free platform where sellers can showcase their products and/or services via a built-in a photo gallery.
  • Allow service providers to browse through an array of talents where you can select and display your talents, increasing their marketability.
  • Provide a platform for communicating with potential customers.
  • Through a workbench, allow ongoing communication with current clients so that everybody is on the same page when service is finalized.
  • Enable sellers to take online payments and hold sales tax for products sold.
  • Allow sellers to display feedback from orders that you have delivered/serviced and allow potential buyers to see said feedback without paying a fee.
  • Store inventory information and product builds, allowing for clean and accurate reporting.

Talented Neighbors is the local entrepreneur’s partner platform for success.

Submitted on March 19, 2014

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