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Application: Speed Guard

Speed Guard is a device that uses the data that everyday driving produces in order to promote safety on the road. Through a mobile application (via Bluetooth), the device allows the vehicle owner to dynamically control the maximum speed that the car may travel based on the current speed limit, and other customizable settings. Speed Guard is desirable for parents of teen drivers, fleet owners, car sharers, and those who want to reduce their risk of costly speeding tickets. Will market to consumers interested in child safety and limiting the liability of their fleet. Will partner with insurance companies for Speed Guard customer discounts.

One of the secondary benefits of Speed Guard will be the vehicle monitoring system, which will read check engine signals and alert vehicle owner of necessary maintenance and performance issues – some that drain fuel economy. ┬áNot only do these alerts replace costly mechanic visits ($45 to run diagnostics alone), but they provide suggestions for local mechanics. There are a myriad of other opportunities to unlock from the vehicle data to provide great features to customers and value propositions to partners.

Speed Guard is the entry level into smart driving technology. More info is available at

Submitted on March 18, 2014

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