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Application: ShopHop

The internet has changed the way we shop forever. Our favorite local shops have had a hard time competing with online shopping and big boxes. Attempts to bring feet in the door have been short lived and haven’t hit on the real problem. Quite simply, we don’t know if they have what we want. ShopHop aims to take the ease of finding what you want online and meld it with the ability to try & buy locally right now. ShopHop gives local shops an easy way to list all their goods and lets shoppers find anything for sale in their area.

Nearly everything you want is available to buy from a local shop in your market. The problem is finding that one item you need. Right now that task is daunting. Your options are making phone calls, driving to different shops or hoping that one of them lists their wares online. Because of this many people who would like to shop locally for more of their daily needs end up going to big box stores or ordering online. Imagine how those habits would change if those customers could find out where a product was, who was selling it and various other answers after just a quick search through ShopHop.

Through a novel approach and clever strategy ShopHop aims to index every item available to buy in a local market, starting right here in RVA.


Submitted on March 17, 2014

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