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Application: SERVIZ

Many high school students volunteer as part of an honors program or in some cases as a requirement for graduation. An apparent disconnect occurs when these students get into college. Many colleges offer opportunities for volunteering and community service through their offices of community engagement but they lack a cohesive and central platform for connecting students with these opportunities, most have to send periodic emails or even post these opportunities on physical bulletin boards. That is where SERVIZ comes in.

SERVIZ  is a platform that allows students to discover, sign up, share and even celebrate their active social impact i.e. their volunteering experience. For the school, it provides a central hub similar to Blackboard, that serves as an online bulletin board while providing resources to track, measure and analyze students’ volunteering. For students, it provides a personal dashboard that allows them to record, monitor and share their social impact with schoolmates in particular and their other social networks in general.

The centerpiece of the system is the ‘S score’, a measure of number of hours served. It employs elements of gamification as seen in apps like Foursquare, the Nike Fuel website and Klout amongst others to promote a sense of healthy competition. The ultimate goal is to develop a deeply rooted culture of volunteering and community service in the school in particular and the community in general.

Submitted on March 18, 2014

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