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Application: PRObono

Imagine a world where nonprofits have access to the same award-winning integrated marketing communications talent corporations have. ┬áImagine the positive impact on the bottom line. Critical resources, which were otherwise allocated for limited marketing efforts, are now re-allocated to the organization’s core mission – where they are needed the most.

PRObono is a non-profit (to pursue 501c(3) status) integrated marketing communications (IMC) agency exclusively serving non-profit organizations. Funded with tax-deductible grants from government agencies, corporations, and generous donations from individuals passionate about PRObono’s mission, our agency provides award-winning IMC services, free or subsidized, to qualified non-profit organizations and initiatives, on a non-competitive basis. Services, from strategy to materials, will be provided by full-time in-house experts, as well as a network of multi-disciplinary experts from across the country. This unique model, the only one like it in the country, helps non-profits thrive and achieve their organization’s goals and objectives.

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Submitted on March 3, 2014

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