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Application: Olive Ashby

Olive Ashby launched the fall of 2013 creating bowties for boys and men. I decided to go on this creative adventure because of my passion for the fashion industry and my love of buying products made in the States.  But it all really took off after listening to a presentation in my Sunday School class.  The young couple that morning spoke on the lack of employment opportunities in the Richmond region and how many people live with little hope of ever making it above the poverty line.  In that room that morning all I could think was, “Hey I can do something. I can help.  I can make a difference”.

Olive Ashby is a little company with a big goal of creating heirloom quality products right here in Virginia.  And as it grows, I look forward to giving hope to others through education and jobs.   In fact one of my greatest pleasures has been teaming up with my mom who was laid off in 2011.  Olive Ashby has allowed her to try out this new creative path and discover new possibilities!

In addition to creating the bowties, I am launching sewing classes this spring with the goal of empowering others with a skill set they can use to benefit their everyday life and share with others.  Classes will focus on learning new techniques and taking home a Pinterest worthy product at the conclusion of each class.  Every fourth class will be offered at no cost, with the focus not only being learning a new skill, but providing a local non-profit such as my church’s Missionary home, CARITAS, St. Joseph’s Villa or Habitat with a product they are in need of.

Over the past five months Olive Ashby bowties have been shipped to over 14 states, can now be purchased in an Ashland boutique and is capturing big impressions on social media. This adventure is endless and I look forward to seeing what is in store.

Overall I am so thankful for this opportunity to share my business with the community and local professionals who can provide some wisdom to help me reach the next level.

Much thanks!
Olive Ashby

Submitted on March 3, 2014

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