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Considering the growing epidemics of under-, and unemployment,
“over education,” and lack of genuine opportunities to to put skilled people to work, I’ve invested in an entrepreneurial concept that “Creates Work” as opposed to “Creating Workers.”

Traditional Model – Go To School, Get An Education, and Wait In Line With A Resume To Apply Education…

Newer Model – Go To School, Get An Education, and Develop, Incubate Ideas, and Recruit Skilled Artisans To Execute Ideas/Services/Etc. For Profit…

Sounds Simple, But The Simplicity Lies Within
The Direct Tapping Of Resource-Bases,
The Recruitment Of Specific Artisans, Execution Of Projects
(Project Management), Etc.

The Issue Of Tradition – Businesses Have Limited The Scope Of Skilled Labor, The Scope Of Working Inside Industry-Focused Limitations
And Funding Has Almost Always Been One-Dimensionally Driven By Industry Leaders… Why Not Look Into More Dynamic Possibilities?

(I Need More Than 100 Words To Explain This)
But Think Along The Lines Of Venture Capitalists Within The Circle Of An Industry Feeding Its Own, Rather Than Looking Outside The Box For Angel Investors Who Nothing Invested Within Your Particular Venture Scope…

My Company In Particular Is A Hybrid Of Arts & Entertainment, Meets Hospitality (Food & Beverage), Meets The Beauty Industry…

Submitted on March 18, 2014

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