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Application: MemberMoose

MemberMoose knows that the easier it is for customers to pay, the easier it is for businesses to focus on growing their customer base and the more profitable businesses will become.

Small business owners work hard to provide a good product or service to their customers only to face the challenges of tracking down late payments and trying to convert one time customers into repeat business. With the growing demand for online bill payments, many customers prefer to set up recurring payments when given the option.

The problem is that recurring payment solutions are typically something that only large organizations are able to afford or have the technical resources to implement. As a result, big companies are able to spend their time acquiring more customers while their small business counterparts are busy trying to collect from their existing customers.

Our recurring subscription platform requires no technical knowledge and is an affordable solution that gives businesses and organizations the tools to create recurring subscriptions so they can focus on growing their business by converting one time customers into loyal members and reliable income. Artisans, small business owners, and membership organizations are able to set up recurring payments in minutes with MemberMoose!

Submitted on March 19, 2014

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