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Application: MakeMore

The maker movement — ranging from electronics, robotics and 3-D printing to arts and crafts, woodworking and metalworking — has experienced dynamic growth and represents a $1B market. Yet despite this growth, services haven’t kept pace and makers still have to spend 20 – 40% of their time on activities outside of “making”. Etsy and Inventables target discrete groups with discrete services, but makers want one place to:

* Connect and collaborate with other makers in real time
* Find providers and complete secure transactions with designers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and/or retailers
* Access relevant online resources in one place
* Learn from other makers and successful entrepreneurs

MakeMore does this by providing a community- driven makerplace. Reaching early adopters through (mostly) inbound and (only high impact) outbound channels will be key to quickly develop a critical mass of makers and providers.

Submitted on March 18, 2014

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