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Application: EcoHelp, LLC

Third party health inspector
In food service today, all the big chains have available to them a third party health inspector. At this time no one is conducting these inspections for the small mom and pop shops.
How this works is, the day at any given time a surprise inspection is scheduled of all the food saftey handling practices and how their food is stored and kept to the correct temperature. A mock HEALTH INSPECTION. (usually when the real inspecion is happening, the staff gets very nervous and makes mindless mistakes resulting in violations) This will be used as a training tool for the future.
This ultimatly helps to protect the brand and as the staff learns more, they will be serving safe food. No Gotcha will be published by the “Real Inspector”
We also offer Serve Safe Certification and classes that will be brought to the location, saving time and money,
Lastley, we offer WAYS TO WOW YOUR CUSTOMERS training for the resturant that is looking to build their brand. Take their customer service to the next level.

Submitted on February 10, 2014

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