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** is the worlds first interactive advertisement copy marketplace where businesses host contests for all of their copywriting needs, including business and product brand names, available domain names, taglines, online and offline ad copy, product descriptions, headlines, press releases, jingles and more.

**Founded in May 2013 with headquarters in Richmond, VA, the site hosts a robust and diverse community of talented copywriters who enter contests with the writing they determine will optimize the marketing materials of the contest holder.

**Pain point: Startups and small businesses need effective brand names and advertisement copy to set a solid foundation for their growth and success. Naming and copywriting agencies are much to expensive and individual freelancers are often unreliable – CopyShoppy provides startups and entrepreneurs access to affordable and effective copywriting services; for e.g., launch a contest for a product name for only $149, and receive 50+ entries from talented copywriters according to your project details. Then rate, eliminate or provide feedback to the copywriters that entered your contest, select finalists, and choose the winner who submitted the best creative. The winner of your contest then receives a monetary prize amount after transferring the copyright of the winning entry over to you, the contest holder.

Submitted on February 10, 2014

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