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Application: CommunityHEARTBEATS

CommunityHEARTBEATS is a nonprofit based in Goochland County which seeks to help nonprofits and small businesses thrive in RURAL or URBAN areas where resources are slim so the community as a whole stays alive.

We hope to help by providing:

~ startup help in the form of business plans, or
~ for nonprofits – incorporation, bylaws & 1023 guidance
~ Board of Director setup and training
~ Volunteer Recruitment
~ Event Management
~ Fundraising
~ Logos, Ad design and Graphic Design
~ Website Design and Maintenance
~ Direct, Social Media & Email Marketing
~ Database and Contacts Database setup
~ Etc.

Our fees are nominal and if a small business or nonprofit is unable to pay, we have a sliding scale system. It they are unable to pay using the sliding scale system, we ask that they “Pay It Forward!”

HEARTBEATS is also an acronym for those areas which we believe make a community strong. If a community does not excel in any of the areas, then CommunityHEARTBEATS will also seek a solution with county officials and stockholders acccordingly:

H – Health & Human Services
E – Education
A – Arts, Entertainment and Tourism
R – Real Estate (especially affordable)
T – Transportation (choices)
B – Business & economic development
E – Environment stewardship
A – Age-related care
T – Technology and utilities for all residents
S – Spiritual, Support, Service and Sports Groups

The nonprofit was incorporated in March 2012 but has not become a 501(c)(3) yet. IRS gives nonprofits 27 months to file the 1023 to apply for that status. We don’t know if we qualify for the question, “Is your business less than one year old?”. We hope that we do because we’ve been helping people pro bono and have not collected the funds as of yet.


Submitted on February 19, 2014

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