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Application: Carri Collection

Carri Collection is a for-profit company with a social mission. We focus on improving lives in communities as our customers enjoy our products. These goals are important to us, and we reach them together with you. Giving back is half of Carri. We want to help start a change by converting your everyday purchases into acts of kindness. We are committed to making products that you will be proud to use and that will be useful to our beneficiaries. Every time Carri sells one backpack, another backpack is given to a non-profit organization right here in the USA. ( Communities in School, Childhelp and YMCA Bright Beginnings)

We recognize that backpacks are essential to the education all U.S. children deserve. But even as backpacks become more of a school necessity each year, too many U.S. children can’t afford backpacks, school supplies, clothing, and even food.

But understanding and awareness creates the drive to change the status quo. Backpacks are just the beginning. We intend to expand the collection to offer unique items made by USA Moms, handicap citizens, autistic students and the like.

Our brick and mortar is our website. Retail sales including college bookstores, large chain and boutiques.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Submitted on March 3, 2014

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