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Application: BUSFARM INC

Our New 501 c 3 organization “BUSFARM” grows food, raises farm animals-fish and honey bees inside of school buses. We aim to teach children and adults about food security through innovative methods on a micro scale. Our buses will be stationary and mobile, i.e. visiting schools, businesses/ corporate campuses and neighborhoods. We aim to have a fully functional-sustainable urban BUSFARM location and also set up BUSFARMS at schools, businesses or abandoned lots as learning tools. We also aim to use solar-wind and geo-thermal energy to power our BUSFARMS as well collecting rain water and composting, fully functional and self sustaining!
We do not have a web site yet as this info has not been released and we just received our NPO status 1 month ago. Our biz category could be a combination of social impact, food and education. Thanks for your time hope to be contacted form someone soon. Sincerely, Mark and Suzi Lilly

Submitted on February 6, 2014

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