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Application: before3 – connecting those who need help with those nearby

Solves procrastination. Saves fuel, time, energy, frustration, and money. It’s on-demand, location-based hiring and it may do for for spare time what eBay has done for spare goods. ______Before, there was too much wasted capacity. Too much travel for little reward. Too many people crossing paths to do similar work at too distant locations. Too many people who wanted work but could not be easily found. Too many tasks that just did not get completed due to an inefficient protocol for filling excess capacity. ______Now, before3 connects those who need help with those interested, nearby, and available. ______Buyers are now armed with a desktop and mobile app that lets them easily and freely find the help they need on their terms. Service Providers (or Workers) now have a valuable tool, in their pockets, that helps them get more work, nearby, when they have extra time or excess capacity. ______Service Providers download the before3 app and subscribe after peers tell them how before3 has helped them get more work, fill workday voids, and travel less. ______Buyers are drawn to before3 because friends and business associates tell them how they found help that was nearby and available in just a few minutes; that they were abe to outline the price or rate they would pay, the date and time they needed the work done, and, using the speech recognition feature, quickly and easily provide more details about the job or project; that they could see reviews of the Workers that responded as interested; and because it’s free. ______The before3 opportunity is global and scalable, solves excess capacity and excess travel for workers everywhere, and just what procrastinators around the world have been waiting for.


Submitted on March 11, 2014

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