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Application: Wood Grain & Lace Wedding Boutique

Richmond is a city filled with fashion-forward, trendy women,  yet there aren’t any bridal shops that serve as a balance between a chain store and an upscale salon. All of these stores also stop at the dress and don’t offer a full-service experience to help brides make the most of talented, local vendors and help them stay under-budget.

I want to change that.

From rockabilly-chic, vintage-inspired, goth, plus-sized, to older brides, Richmond women deserve the traditional gown shopping experience in a boutique that that suits their needs AND their budget.

Let’s make Richmond a wedding destination and make it easier to embrace local vendors, dress your bridal party in something they’ll actually wear again and allow a Type-A wedding addict make your planning process a little easier.


Submitted on February 15, 2013

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