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Application: Winning The Training Game

If you have ever experienced ‘death by power point’ or ‘snooze by lecture’ you will be excited to learn of an innovative tool that takes training to the next level! If you have ever received or produced training, you know that the trend over the last several years has been to put people – isolated and stranded – in front of a computer screen.  Now –  finally – a paradigm shift in training!

Winning The Training Game is an oversized board game (literally four feet by five feet) that brings people back together to learn.  Everything about the game is big:  big dice – big playing pieces – big cards – big board. 8 -12 people play together. Players will answer tough questions, formulate approaches, uncover strengths and share best practices. Unlike board games of your childhood, participants play in teams, so collaboration and creative thinking, flourish.

In the game, a team lands on a question square and are then asked one of the 130 questions. The game becomes an assessment tool unlike anything you have experienced as teams work together to answer challenging scenarios and express positions.  An example of a typical question: “Name three ways you can keep yourself motivated.”  A judge then decides the value of the answer and rewards with ‘big bucks’.  Insightful answers are provided for the game facilitator and 30 blank cards are included for an organization to add its own questions.  The game can be used again and again for hours of valuable training Focused engagement and knowledge injection and increased retention are some key takeaways.

This innovative system can be used in every possible setting from the classroom to the boardroom.  It can be administered as a large corporate team building or on boarding session as well as sustained scheduled sessions with small groups or classes.  It can also be customized to fit any curriculum in a school setting as well as injected with corporate strategy and methodology for sustaining the mission and goals of the company.


Submitted on March 5, 2013

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