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Application: True Fitness Solutions

Since 1995 three high school football players have died on average every year. The number one cause of Exertional Heat Stroke is High Intensity exercise combined with a low peak VO2 score.

True Fitness Solutions is a company that provides education, evaluation and an exercise prescription that enforces what the medical field is saying when they state “Exertional heat stroke is 100% preventable”. We evaluate players Peak VO2 and provide an individual program to improve their aerobic strength.

By offering the True Fitness Solutions service to all Football programs, we can bring the cutting edge information that is evidence based on thermal regulation at a cost effective price. The National Athletic Trainers Position Statement under the non-environmental risk factors, defines Poor Physical Condition as “the VO2 max of the individual improves, the ability to withstand heat stress improves independent of acclimatization and heat adaption.”

Submitted on March 14, 2013

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