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Application: TownDoorstep

PROBLEM: Shopping local is hard! It’s time consuming, driving dependent and how about those holiday parking wars? Shopping online is convenient, mobile, product variety is endless and you can wear your pajamas. So, independent retailers suffer, businesses close, and cities have massive commercial vacancies. SOLUTION:, where local, brick-and-mortar businesses can set up virtual storefronts and sell merchandise on a joint ecommerce site. Now, instead of browsing through Amazon items and sellers, consumers can browse through local items and sellers. Many websites use the “power in numbers” model; crafters gather and sell on, pet rescuers promote furry friends on, even garage sale warriors have Why shouldn’t local, brick-and-mortar businesses have a place to join forces and sell products? RESULT: Local businesses increase their customer base, expand marketing opportunities, gain additional income, and utilize local cross promotion. Localities regain sales tax revenue, commercial districts thrive and consumers can shop local…online!

Submitted on March 18, 2013

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