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Application: The Batchery | Custom Craft Beer

The Batchery creates impeccable quality, tiny-batch, custom craft beers. We’re charting new territory for a brewing concern by completely sidestepping the retail hustle and ignoring the bar scene. Instead we create one-of-a-kind beers in collaboration with our clients for special events (WE LOVE WEDDINGS), custom contexts, and the intrepid members of our CSZ (that’s Community Supported Zymurgy).

We address two enduring desires among our customers: the desire for uniquely customized products and the desire for authentic collaborative experiences. Guided by the core principles of sustainability, community-building, open-sourcing, and a DIY Ethic we passionately pursue our mission—to brew the perfect beer for each and every occasion.

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Submitted on February 15, 2013

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