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Application: The Barkery & Catfe, LLC

The Barkery & Catfe: We fetch – You play! We’re a local, online pet
supply retailer & delivery service; catering only the highest quality
products to dogs, cats, birds, and pocket pets in the Greater Richmond
Region. All local deliveries are FREE to save RVA pet parents time
and money – no longer will they have to rush after work to beat early
closing times or visit multiple shops to get all of their different
types of pets’ supplies. We’re also unique because we offer custom
treats and balanced homemade food to cat and dog owners who prefer
organic and locally sourced ingredients, “whole food” pet foods, or whose pets
have special needs. We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and we
seek out the best eco-friendly pet merchandise. We recycle everything
and have two hybrid vehicles for deliveries. We also have a program
called “Green Paws” that awards points for future discounts in return
for recycling packaging materials from our products. We are marketing
through social media, partnering with local rescues, and selling our
products at area pet-themed events. Our goal is to promote healthier
living for pets, environmentally friendly consumers, and to be a
reliable source of information for pet owners.

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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