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Application: Speakeasy

For business owners who love customers, but hate Yelp, Speakeasy is a mobile application that provides real-time customer feedback and benchmark analytics. Speakeasy resolves problems privately, but pushes glowing reviews to social media. Typically, businesses get feedback from the extremes: their biggest fans or customers with an ax to grind. The majority of customers keep their opinions to themselves and simply vote with their wallets. Speakeasy helps businesses reach out and get this critical feedback with a  simple survey, powerful analytics, and great design.

Invite your customers to leave feedback at Quickly learn what your customers want more of — and what they want you to get rid of — but are too polite to say

For the last two months we’ve proven this concept works and that business find the platform valuable. We’ve collected data at four RVA businesses and received  feedback from over 100 customers. Our target customers are the bricks and mortar Main Street businesses that give each city its unique character, but don’t have the resources that national franchises devote to customer research.

Come to and check out screenshots of the product we are building, or watch a fun, short video highlighting Speakeasy in action.

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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