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Application: Soul Perks

Empower employers to make their employees happy. Retain and attract top talent by offering a personalized perk designed to create meaning and add happiness to the lives of each of employee every month.

At Soul Perk, we believe that life is about happiness, and that shouldn’t stop when you walk into work each day. While many companies treat the happiness they bring to their employees as contained in the paychecks they write every two weeks, the reality is that money relates directly to happiness only up to a point. In a world where attracting and retaining top talent has become priority number one for so many companies, shouldn’t businesses be focusing on giving their employees things to actually make them happier people?

We believe happy employees are good employees, and employees that will stay. We believe that the things that make us happy aren’t tangible things most of the time: they’re things that add meaning to our lives. Supporting our favorite charities, supporting our professional, spiritual, and cultural development, and giving us amazing experiences are the things that make modern Americans happier people.

That is why Soul Perk uses software to allow each of employee of a given company to tell us about themselves, and then we create a profile of things we think would make that person happier. Then, we partner with amazing local and national partners to bring each employee a customized set of perk options to choose from, each designed to add value and create meaning in their lives.

Life is about more than just a paycheck: find your Soul Perk.

Submitted on March 19, 2013

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