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Application: RVAPASS

RVAPASSMetro without the digging

Richmond has too many single occupancy vehicle trips increasing traffic and threatening our air quality. Public transit usage is low. Many visitors have difficulty getting around Richmond. Building a metro is expensive and disruptive.

RVAPASS is a “virtual” metro. Using nifty smartphone apps, the system will let you locate, hail, reserve, and pay for public transportation on the RVAPASS network of Richmond’s buses, trolleys, bikes, car-shares, Segways, limos, and more.

RVAPASS will give you options to get wherever you are going across providers. The system will be paid for with a slice of the vendor fares for the reservations. Frequent users get rebates. The result is a “virtual” metro transit system without the digging.

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Submitted on March 14, 2013

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