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Application: RVA Rain Systems

RVA Rain Systems does assessments and installs rain-harvesting systems for residential properties. These sustainable landscape installations give homeowners control of a most valuable resource- water.

Our “active” rain systems give you a backup supply of water for regular hose use, irrigation, etc.  It looks like a peaceful waterfall or decorative fountain once installed.

Later this summer, when watering restrictions come out, you can stick it to the man and look good doing it!  Visual appeal is a high priority- don’t want to upset the H.O.A. 😉

Attractive and functional, we deliver the benefits of harvesting rain without sacrificing useable outdoor living space or visual appeal of the landscape.

Our “passive” rain harvesting systems(rain gardens)  use high-tech modern landscape products combined with good old-fashioned plants to manage storm water. Rain gardens solve problems of drainage, erosion, and storm water runoff.

Our installations can be considered “Best management Practices”, which could earn you credits on Storm Water Runoff Fees,  LEED points for green builders, or James River Association’s “River Hero” home award.

RVA Rain Systems- Taking Virginia By Storm!


Submitted on February 18, 2013

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